Power Oregon

The Process: Separate Governance

Create an Effective Governance Model

Create a separate governing mechanism, comprised of representatives from important stakeholders, designed to prioritize investments and manage strategic funding and accountability within a demand driven framework.

Governing Body Membership

Members of the governing body will be determined through meeting and discussion with important constituents.

House Bill 3507

The 2011 Oregon House Bill 3507 authorizes the Oregon Innovation Council to make grants and loans from the Oregon Innovation Fund to Oregon growth business that advance innovation-based economic development.

Stakeholder Collaboration

Collaboration with important stakeholders is essential in order to effectively facilitate public/private partnerships that address a sustainable energy future, and to establish Oregon as the center of excellence for clean energy, energy conservation, and innovation in energy technologies.

Power Oregon intends to encourage collaboration between the following stakeholders:

Public Utility Commission of Oregon (PUC)
The mission of PUC is to ensure that safe and reliable utility services are provided to consumers at just and reasonable rates while fostering the use of competitive markets to achieve these objectives.

Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO)
Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping utility customers benefit from saving energy and generating renewable energy. The purpose of ETO is to provide comprehensive, sustainable energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy solutions to those they serve.

Engineering and Technology Industry Council (ETIC)
ETIC was started in 1997 when the Oregon Legislature passed SB 504 in 1997, a Bill designed to bring the Oregon Legislature, Oregon public universities, and the state’s high-tech industry together to invest public and private dollars towards creating world-class engineering and computer science programs in the state.

Oregon University System (OUS)
The vision of OUS is to raise the educational achievements of all Oregonians by providing lifelong education and knowledge development through teaching and learning, inquiry and innovation, and the application of knowledge to global, national, state, and local needs. Partnerships and alignment initiatives between the Oregon University System and the K-12 educational sector, the community college system, industry organizations and clusters, and government agencies are integral to the system's efforts to serve statewide higher education needs.

Oregon Business Development Department
The mission of Business Oregon is to work to create, retain, expand and attract businesses that provide sustainable, living-wage jobs for Oregonians through public-private partnerships, leveraged funding, and support of economic opportunities for Oregon companies and entrepreneurs.

Oregon Innovation Council (ORInC)
ORInC’s mission is to help innovators create high-paying jobs, entrepreneurs create companies and university researchers bring federal and private research dollars to Oregon in a partnership between the State's private sector leaders and its research universities.

Oregon Business Plan
The Oregon Business Plan mission is to create jobs, raise incomes, and reduce poverty in Oregon. The Oregon Business Plan is an effort by the state's business leaders to create 25,000 new jobs across Oregon each year and raise Oregon's per capita income above the national average. The Plan is a collaborative effort among several business leaders and business associations, developed in close partnership with Oregon's elected leadership.

Industrial Customers of Northwest Utilities (ICNU)
ICNU’s mission is to be the leading advocate for Northwest industry on issues related to the use and affordability of electric energy. ICNU supports sustainable and strong economic growth within the region.

Manufacturing 21
Manufacturing 21’s mission is to advocate for manufacturing sector issues related to technology, workforce, energy, and related issues.

Municipal and Rural Utilities
These organizations serve local communities throughout Oregon to provide stable and affordable power and water.

Independently Owned Public Utilities

  • Portland Gas and Electric
    Portland Gas and Electric’s mission is to provide reliable electricity supplies at reasonable prices while continuing to be good stewards of Oregon’s environment. In part, that means leading the charge on clean energy in Oregon. PGE is working to secure a sustainable, affordable energy future for Oregon. Responsible protection of the environment is a key part of the plan.
  • Pacific Power
    Pacific Power’s environmental commitment is to protect and enhance the environment. Pacific Power strives to be a good steward by conserving natural resources, developing renewable resources, reducing emissions, and protecting habitats.
  • Bonneville Power Administration
    BPA is dedicated to providing high system reliability, low rates consistent with sound business principles, environmental stewardship and accountability.

Smart Grid OR
Smart Grid OR’s mission is to enable, promote and grow the smart grid industry and infrastructure in the State of Oregon.