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Ongoing Work

Current Projects

Late in 2013, the Engineering and Technology Industry Council (ETIC) awarded a grant to establish the Oregon Power Engineering Education Project (OPEEP). Power Oregon, working with PSU, OIT, and OSU, will assist with private sector support, advisory board organization, and funding. This will entail a multi-year effort. Following are links to documents related to this work:

Power Oregon has been asked by the Engineering and Technical Engineering Council (ETIC) to participate in the development of the Oregon Talent Council (OTC). The OTC represents a significant transformation of ETIC’s work and will identify talent gaps across Oregon’s targeted industry clusters and assist to develop talent to support core occupations of strategic importance. Power Oregon has convened the Energy Industry Committee for the OTC proposal. This will require a multi-year effort and includes participation from the multiple employers, Oregon Business Council, Oregon Business Association, Business Oregon, Oregon’s schools of engineering, Oregon Employment department, and others. The OTC proposal is significantly aligned with Power Oregon’s core mission. Following are links to documents related to this work:

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Planned Projects

Oregon does not currently have an oversight body or governance mechanism to establish or review energy related spending and policy. Many progressive states (e.g., California and Massachusetts) have Energy Commissions to oversee silos and provide guidance and oversight for energy related spending and policy. Power Oregon is evaluating the merits and costs associated with such an oversight body in Oregon.

Working with Advanced Energy Economy (AEE), Power Oregon is exploring the merits of establishing an AEE affiliate in the Northwest. The project will be a major development involving leadership from private companies and academia. We are working with an exploratory committee to invite industry leaders to participate.

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Ongoing Projects

Power Oregon continues to meet with industry leaders, policymakers, legislators, and foundations to explore ways in which we can contribute to the ongoing dialogue about energy policy, economic development and industry talent needs.

Power Oregon continues to gather data for its ongoing study of energy trends so that its study, “ENERGY AT THE CROSSROADS,” can be updated every three years.

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